Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Herbalife and low-carbs diet

Simple Herbalife Menu

  • Breakfast---Formula 1 Nutritional Shake =13 net carbs.
  • Morning Snack---Cheese (1 carb) and Herbal Tea Concentrate 8oz. (1 carb) =2 net carbs.
  • Lunch---Fried Chicken, beef, fish, lamb, soup, omelet with cheese or Salad(1-5carbs). Herbal Tea Concentrate 8oz. (1 carb)  
  • Dinner---Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix mixed with Hood Calorie Countdown Milk=13 net carbs.

As you can see, you have kept your carbs low, you have consumed a lot of healthy protein, vitamins, and minerals At least u know that u give all what ur body need in a day...u dont have to worry about nutrition once u r consuming herbalife tasty shake...at least once in a day more than enough for ur body...change ur breakfast to herbalife healthy breakfast feel the changes in u :)  

Don’t forget the Total Control!!! 


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